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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tuesday evening, January 22, PCHS received a call from the Sheriff's Department requesting assistance at a home just outside of Dixon where an individual has passed away and there were numerous dogs on the property. Upon arriving we found several dozen dogs, along with an elderly gentleman who was mourning the passing of his wife earlier that afternoon. It was after dark by this time and quite a ways down a country road, the dogs were scattered about the 4+ acre property making it impossible to get an accurate count of the dogs at that time. We left the property with 8 puppies that evening with the promise to return the next day to better assess the situation. Volunteers have been there every day since that time helping care for and remove the dogs, along with clean up and repairs to the gentleman's property to make his living conditions more tolerable. By my current count, we are at 35 dogs. Eight recently weaned puppies went into a foster home the first evening, three went to LPAC, three went to Waynesville Animal Shelter, one expecting pups at any moment went to TASTC in Houston, four went to three local foster homes, twelve went to one local foster home and at least four are still on the property. All of these dogs need vetting, ranging from regular vaccinations, worming and spay/neuters, to treatment of mange, along with eye and skin infections, etc. Vetting costs at this time are expected to exceed $3,000, which does not include the cost of food, or any other supplies needed to care for these dogs while they are readied for adoption. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

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