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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fevers, Chills, Binge eating, and I'm Putting Barney on Repeat

Last night was ferocious. As was the night before. My Zoe, a three-year old who I claim as my middle child, has been sick for going on three days. She had a fever of 103.5 last night and woke up periodically screaming for juice boxes, butt wiping and just because she needed her mommy. Enter me, the lucky recipient of her demands.
Also working the night, Rowen, my 3 1/2 month old, who has been eating just about every other hour. (I claim every hour sometimes when I want to press the pity button). She is charming with her round cheeks and her bright eyes. She always smiles a ginormous toothless grin when I stumble to her bassinet in the wee hours of the morning. How can I complain about seeing her precious little face?
This morning again took a bite out of my ass, when I opened my kitchen cupboard to the vacant parking spot of my coffee canister. No coffee. Not even instant. I scoured the other cupboards in search of the possibility of an MRE coffee pouch left by my drill sergeant husband, but to no avail.
I write to you in a pre-zombie state, unaware of grammatical errors or even of making sense in general.
Ah, and did I forget to mention, this is also day three of the diet I have restarted for three days now. I am a glutinous pig and 1500 calories hardly encompasses my ability to graze all day. I started out with a breakfast of cottage cheese, salsa, whole wheat toast and a smidgen of butter. I then added a designer hot chocolate, as I was in mourning for the previous consumption of all things coffee and coffee related. Add to that a single serving sized bag of kettle corn.
Kettle corn seemed innocent enough, all measured out in a nice idiot proof portion. I felt pretty good about that snack choice as I licked the remaining grease off my fingers.
The turning point was the bottom of the bag, which was where about 2 TBS of grease had pooled. Gasp. I haven't yet checked the actual calorie content but I'm guessing that lunch will have to be cut back a bit. Damnit. Maybe I'll just restart again on day four...

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