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Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's summer time, and the livin's easy

I finally gave into becoming a (mostly-it's hard to know sometimes) Vegan, after almost 20 years of Vegetarian life. The book, "The Kind Diet," by Alicia Silverstone, wrapped my pre-existing ideas and thoughts into one pretty package. The bow on top was Simon.

Simon is a 2 year old Jersey/Holstein Steer, whom I rescued from becoming veal at the ripe old age of 3 days. He came into my life and my heart, via the hatchback of my husband's Scion XB. (His car smelled like a petting zoo for weeks.) My intentions were to keep Simon forever but when I became pregnant with Rowen, he was in his adolescence and very playful. For a pregnant woman, this also meant he became dangerous.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by him and the horse that we had rescued who had big vet bills. (She was 20 yrs old and had the equivalent of human asthma) A friend in animal rescue, who owned and operated a sanctuary offered to take both animals. Our verbal agreement was that she would return them if she ever was unable to care for them, that they would remain in the sanctuary for the rest of their days and that Simon would never be slaughtered. She was even kind enough to tell me that I could have them back, if after the baby was born, I changed my mind.

To make a very long, sad, frustrating story short, this woman lied to me repeatedly. She either sold or gave (I have no idea because her stories always changed) Simon away to a rancher who lives 400 miles from here. Most of my spring/summer was spent worrying and trying to get him back.

Well, he's back! It cost us $400 and a lot of heart ache but my ridiculous pet is home.

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